Over the years, I have found that many people invest so much time in the vision and dream of others. While I’m not saying that one is completely wrong for doing so, I am saying that you must invest in yourself first with the majority of your energy going to you.

It may sound a bit selfish but if you really investigate further you may find that much of your energy is being leached by others who are covertly using your energy for their benefit. Number one, if you have a job you’re already being leached of much of your life force for someone else’s benefit. Often times most will have to inquire about having some time off from a job on someone else make the decision for your vacation time that you have requested.

No matter how much you make on your paycheck if this is something that you have to do you’re still being leached of your energy for someone else’s benefit. The scenario that’s common is that while you’ll toil indefinitely crossing your fingers and hoping for a modicum of vacation time that is usually very fleeting because of the amount of stress that you carry, that one who is at the top of the food chain in your organization just might be sailing in the Caribbean in a private yacht with an abundance of scantily clad females accompanying him as he whines and dines himself to bliss.

Now that may be an amplified scenario but chances are that one who runs the company or is a top dog in the hierarchy of that business is doing a lot better than you who is keeping them in that lofty position of hedonistic bliss.

Often times those who find themselves in an enviable position as far as their work life is concerned have dropped a lot of blood, sweat and tears to find themselves in that successful space. But one thing is for sure, even if they had to start out at the bottom working in an entry-level position before rising to the top they always had the thought of investing in themselves because they knew that they had an exemplary work ethic.

You see it’s sad to say that many of us don’t truly believe in ourselves even though the words that come out of our mouth may say otherwise. But when you look at those around you who simply settle for retiring on the job in their peak years unless it is something of a full-blown career, then their lack of “going for it” is a strong sign of feeling inadequate to succeed in life.

I’ve always known that jobs were not for me but was merely a stable paycheck that I can depend on as I put my true energies into my passion, talents and abilities.

In my humble opinion one thing that frightens me would be to get to a certain point in my life where there is more behind me than ahead of me as far as time is concerned and realizing that I never took my shot at my version of success in this life and that I probably walked away from a wonderful life that I lack the confidence to pursue.

Investing in yourself is one of the greatest things that you can do because whatever comes out of your personal investment absolutely no one can take away from you.

Speaking from experience I’ve encountered many who have attempted to infiltrate my dedication to my various hobbies endeavors and crafts as well as business projections because of their envy and lack of confidence in themselves.

I’ve even had individuals out right tell me that I should stop doing what I’m doing and upon further investigation I realized that they would say such a thing because they had nothing whatsoever that they were pursuing that would ascend their lives into something far better than what they had at that time.


Investing in yourself also creates a momentum of success as the universe will open up to you more opportunities than you could have ever imagined but you have to earn it with that same universe. Let me explain, in the beginning it may seem very difficult to get the ball rolling to see some movement toward your personal pursuit of excellence. It may seem at that time in the beginning of your journey that nothing is working in your favor but that’s quite the opposite. As you endure that agonizing period of low progress while never losing your determination to manifest, a signal is sent out to the universe requesting that you are different than most and deserve that divine momentum to work in your behalf.

This is why it may appear that some people can always attain in effortless level of success. It’s not that they’re better than you but they expect nothing less than success because they’ve proven to themselves that they are worthy of success not just because of the mere thought but because they have truly earned it through the years of hard work and dedication.

You will never get that sense of satisfaction on the job, and at best a job is merely a regular paycheck that you can stand on and depend on financially for the time that you’re on that job. But it should never be ONLY about the job because it is the way that system works where it will always take away from you more than you gain from it. But if you dare to think beyond the oppressive constraints of merely working a job and dedicating your life to it, you will be rewarded above measure because you chose to break away from the pack of the happily oppressed.

I am not saying it is extremely easy because success comes to those at different rates where some receive it early and others attain it late.

This happens to be one of my favorite conversations and I am known to go on speaking about it for lengthy periods of time but this last point in this article that I want to make is that success for everyone is not the same. Never let anyone push what their idea of success is on you in order to manipulate you to play their game so they can feel superior.

If your idea of success is only a mansion with several luxury cars, with frequent travel and amenities that most will never enjoy than so be. You worked for it and it is your right to enjoy your hard earned resources any way that you please. But who is to say that THAT definition of success is superior to someone who wants to live in solitude on a small farm close to nature. We can relieve our self of a lot of pressure if we determine what success means to us and this is one of the major determining factors that I feel that we need to know before we even begin to start investing in ourselves. Of course we have to have tunnel vision, extreme focus, discipline and a relentless drive to push forward when others will quit. When you invest in yourself you will be often called fanatical and obsessed but you must take those words from others as a huge complement because that’s what it takes in this world as it is infested with negative thinking that will keep most from doing little more than working a job that keeps them “Just Over Broke!”


I personally refuse to merely chase money because I know that by becoming the best in my area of expertise I will cause money to chase me on my terms and no one else’s.

Another state of mind that you will have to find yourself in is the ability to work alone because others may not see what it is that you’re striving to achieve and because they don’t have the drive to invest in themselves they will never see why you fight so hard to invest in yourself.

When investing in yourself and your own business nothing on the face of this earth other than the well-being of your family should matter should take precedence over your time to pursue your vision. Everything you do and all the energy that you spend must benefit your investment in some way, form or fashion.

I can tell you that over the years as I have invested in myself and in the manifestation of my vision it has protected me from the external attacks on my enthusiasm because I never let go and what I have achieved personally could never be duplicated overnight or purchased in a store. That in itself has got to be one of the greatest feelings in this life to know that you do not follow the crowd or allow another entity to dominate and control your life force for their benefit as you have made a statement that you are independent and you know your worth and you can never compromise the vast potential that you have internally for unlimited success on your terms.

Relationships will come and go, friendships will peak and fade, time will fly in the twinkling of an eye but one thing will never abandon you regardless as to what is transpiring in your life, and that is the years and decades that you have invested in improving yourself.

For that you can be forever proud and no one can take credit for your accomplishments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and do know that I appreciate you wholeheartedly. Do leave a comment below and let me know your perspectives on this topic as I truly look forward to speaking with you here.

Peace, Revolution & Righteous Love Always,



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