You Will Never Have Gloomy Day When You Possess The Sunshine From Within!

I’m sharing these words as I stand in the WalMart check out line behind an inconsiderate young lady who sees that I have only one small item in my hand as opposed to the three shopping carts full of sugar laced saturated fat laden junk food which resemble a purchase of the random artery clogging chemicals required to perform some type of “pre-embalming” routine in a makeshift ghetto mortuary.

After viewing her intended purchases that only consisted of non-nutritive high caloric food imposters I could truly understand and sympathize with her blatantly obvious attitude that seemed to ooze through her every pore and probably keeps her basking in a combative mindset of perpetual drama everyday of her life.

Even though she was under no obligation to grant me a free pass to the front of the line to make my purchase, her lack of common courtesy did show a lack of respect as I did detect a shred of opportunistic power play in her nonchalant body movements and extra slow sense of urgency to finish her transaction.

Plain and simple, it was quite obvious that this was an elementary attempt at trying to piss me off.

Why? She didn’t even know me and I never saw her a day in my life.

This was not the first time something like this along these lines has happened and I was in the right mood today to explore and observe such random aggressions…….

Let the games begin……

You will learn that in this life you will encounter individuals who – for reasons only known to themselves – will attempt to play these power games with you even in the brief and casual encounters that you engage in as strangers.

These people most often have some extreme sense of insecurity and frustration in their lives and will project it onto you only because they don’t have the courage to look within and face the voids that have caused them to enter into this mindset.

Don’t EVER be fooled and think that there is something wrong with you or that you are responsible for their covert projected shortcomings.

Never think that but Lord be with you if they detect that you are an open vessel to receive the brunt of their issues and dysfunctions that they never dealt with because you will become a regular designated dumping ground if you have any regular dealings with them on a job, church or in a neighborly way.

People like this never proceed to play these games of they sense that you are not receptive to embracing their issues. There is always a period of testing you even if it is a brief testing in the case of me being in the checkout line behind this young woman in the supermarket.

I could see from her quick peripheral glances in my direction she was looking for any signs of frustration in reaction to her actions.

I gave her none.

I knew that she was seeking that from me as she slowly emptied her cart onto the checkout belt so I guess she was surprised when I calmly pulled out my phone from my pocket and began to start this article as I snatched away what she thought was some type of power position.

Now the frustration that she tried to project onto me came back to her tenfold when she sensed that her game of killing time didn’t ruffle my feathers after all.

To make matters worse was when the two empty checkout lines beside the one that I was standing in were now manned and functional as the customers standing behind me scurried quickly to fill them in an attempt to get out of the store faster.

So I guess it must have been a shock to this power tripping woman in front of me when the cashier from the other line called me over to ring up my item got my polite response that it was okay to take someone else because I have all of the time in the world to kill. Lol!

The chick in front of me could be heard sucking her teeth out of anger!

Wow! Why was SHE angry? I wasn’t slower HER down in the checkout line the way that she was doing me!

She was angry because she saw that her power trip, attention games and attempt to get under my skin wasn’t even strong enough to be felt on my personal radar and for a brief moment she tasted the bitter flavor of her own venom. It pained her to see that she couldn’t change the happy tide of my personal world even if for those brief moments in the WalMart check out line.

But when I really thought about it after our nonverbal clash of mentalities collided I see so many people who just don’t  know how to get a grip on controlling the emotional/spiritual sludge that slips past the invisible built in filters that they don’t even realize that they have.

So the only way many of us deal with the bad attitudes that come our way is to throw off on others first before they can get to us.

I’ll make a comparison of what I am trying to make you picture mentally – remember when we had that terrible oil spill in the gulf of Mexico before the oil line was eventually capped off? Well, do you remember those protective suits that the cleanup crew wore in order to protect them from the toxic sludge of oil clumps that were washed ashore afterward?

Well picture this woman’s bad attitude as a big clump of toxic goo that is is being projected outward from within her being unchecked to everyone around her who she encounters whether it be briefly or for longer periods of time.

Any attempts to take away my joy will only frustrate those who are wasting their own time in doing so.

It actually makes me hunker down even closer TO the source OF my joy.

Have you ever heard one of your favorite songs in public sort of far away coming from a sound system in some stranger’s car. While you may have those noises closer to you that could have distracted you initially, you automatically tuned them out because you chose to focus in on something that brought you a sizable measure of personal pleasure.

This is how it is with me.

I always have something going on mentally on my personal plate to ponder and think about creatively. This is how I can be in the presence of so many negative people in public and tune them out to have a wonderful time from within. And while they are trying to figure out a way to come at me, they just don’t understand that the source of my joy is something that they can NEVER calculate!

The only way that these toxic entities could ever bring me down is to either disconnect me from my source or to actually find themselves in the Heavens right next to God’s throne and knock Him out of the box and I just don’t believe either one could ever happen!

Once you have found your purpose in your life there will be an inner peace that stays with you no matter how rough the waters of this life can rage around you. The entire world can throw bad attitudes your way and you just might not even notice them because you are so engrossed in manifesting your destiny with the help of God Almighty Himself! When you are feeling His power flow through your life you just don’t have the time to play with the minor games and hurt egos who just can’t seem to ever get at you to come down to their level.

It’s a beautiful thing indeed!

So the next time that someone attempts to rob you of your inner joy, understand that they are in the midst of a major inner turmoil and it is up to them to bring themselves to the place of healing. It is not for you to be beat down in order for them to temporarily feel good about themselves.

Finding your purpose in this life is the only way to cut out half of the crap that we notice when we walk in the steps of the worldly heathens around us. Taking your mind out of this world and into the often unseen world of the spirit is the only way to enjoy the sunshine that is always there no matter WHAT clouds try to get in the way of you feeling God’s warmth from Hid divine rays of love and truth!

I hope my words this morning have reached someone today.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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Introverted Empath
Introverted Empath
February 9, 2020 2:56 PM

This helped me!

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