You Would Really Hear Complaints If The Carnival Triumph Cruise Line Was A Slaveship!

While I am overjoyed that the passengers of the beleaguered Carnival Triumph Cruise Line have finally touched down on terra firma from the Gulf of Mexico to be reunited with their loved ones after having to deal with the inconvenience of a ship that had them drifting without some of the basic needs that would have enabled them to enjoy their trip, I couldn’t help but see a little deeper into this situation as it revealed to me so much about ourselves as a culture.

No one should have to go through a difficult time like this especially when they are on a vacation, but when you look at life on the wider scope was this inconvenience all that bad?

Now granted, I can understand how frightening it must have been to the children and I am not speaking of them or the elderly as I share these words.

But while the uncertainty can truly play tricks on ones mind, could it be that the cliffhanger that we witnessed – or rather had shoved down our throats – was merely a attention tactic of CNN and other media outlets simply to drive their ratings up to profit purposes? Listen, The Poseidon Adventure the sinking of the Titanic this was NOT!

Carnival Triumph

Come on now people, I am quite sure that there were many other relevant stories that could have been covered as big as this planet is. This is why I watch the news outlets and programs here in the United States through a filtered lens because what may be important to one may not be of any relevance to another.

That being said, have we as a people become so spoiled that when an unexpected mishap transpires that is not a life or death situation that we become so bent out of shape in the absence of amenities that have made us so soft and actually lazy?

It seems as though this is the case!

Not to be cruel but I couldn’t help but think about what it might have been like to be on a Slave Ship coming all the way over from West Africa chained up to other sick and ailing individuals laying in feces and urine for countless weeks on end having God knows what tossed at them in the dark as food!

Slave Ship Cargo

Yet the mere “smell” of urine was unbearable for those few days for the Carnival Triumph Cruise Line passengers! Now I’m not saying that the Carnival Triumph passengers should be made to endure any discomfort because of what those stolen Africans went through when they were first placed in captivity but toughen UP people because we WILL be placed in many uncomfortable situations in this life that won’t be the most pleasant!

As advanced as we have become with our gadgetry and knowledge of how to live more efficiently because of it, we have abandoned our ability to remain strong mentally and physically and the willingness to utilize those facets of our being have all but vanished. We as human beings were created in a very special way by our God, we must address and maintain always the mental physical and spiritual aspects of our existence. To live out of balance can happen for a time but to continue to not address those other facets guarantees a certain doom as we have become our own worst enemy.

Slave Ship Overview

We are as strong as are weakest link, and if a unfortunate mishap like what transpired on the Carnival Triumph Cruise Line was big news, then we are truly in trouble indeed. We need to appreciate what we do have as a still blessed country but not let the luxuries spoil us. Get up and get some exercise in case you have to swim for your life. Gain some type of REAL spiritual grounding instead of that occasional visit to that house of worship where your mind is everywhere else other than on the sermon. Tie in the abundance of knowledge that you possess mentally to your other planes of existence and you will find that most catastrophes that happen to us on a daily basis will not test our last nerves but will be an opportunity to grow instead of bitching about being uncomfortable.

Carnival Triumph Cruise Line Passengers On Deck

Once we learn to get our lives back in balance then everything we encounter will be a piece of cake! This is why those of us who have internalized the spirit of long suffering from our predecessors on those countless slave ships that brought us over to this strange land have always displayed a resiliency that was otherworldly and literally supernatural when viewed on by others who had life a whole lot easier. This is why you don’t find us jumping off of high rise buildings and going postal when we lose it all or get dumped by our spouse.

The bottom line is if you are truly one who reads and absorbs the word of God and not a superficial believer you will know that many rough times are coming on this earth and we need to take this time to get ourselves ready young and old. If a cruise ship that still has running water, food and a few functional restrooms can freak you out, then you are doomed to perish because you ain’t seen nothing yet! Read the Book Of Revelations and tell me if I’m misleading you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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