You’ll Never Achieve True Success When Your Mind Is Hijacked By The Enemy!

When you know in your heart and mind that you are destined for great things to manifest in your life there is no way that you will settle for simply living a life of mediocrity.

Having that “knowing” and “awareness” that something very special is cooking up deep down inside will surely make you a target by the negatives forces of this world when those sweet fumes of the delicious meal that you are permeates into the world around you.

You will be loved by many but hated and despised by just as many people simply because of the gifts that were granted in this life that shows them up to be the nonentities that they really are.

I know that you’ve heard the term “misery loves company”, well even when everyone around you appears to be smiling and in your corner you have to know that someone in the crowd has their fingers crossed praying and hoping that you fail.

Green Eyes

Accept this fact and take it as the cost of doing the business of life because this is something that will trail you all of your life until the day that your Creator calls you home all because you dared to refuse mediocrity.

With your gifts come great responsibility and if you spend a split second wrestling with those who were assigned to you to bring about your failure then know that you have to account for this.

This life is a gift but you don’t own it, you have very important to do in it and when you fail to accomplish it you will pay a dear price.

I’ve heard it said that this life is simply too short and while I can understand exactly what that means I also know why many would agree with that statement.

When you see your existence as a beginning and an end with nothing before or after it, then of course you will feel that it flies by too quickly.

But when you understand that there is an eternal component attached to you that once activated by your submission to the higher power, the fear of death will vanish and the pressure to “live it up” remains no more as you will be able to settle down to the business at hand of manifesting your mission and greatness with an intense focus because time no longer matters.

Living in a space where time no longer matters to you sets you free because that finish line of a total death matters not anymore. But because you know that the time on this level is limited, you push on hard in your personal mission not in a fear based manner like most, but from a desire to reach the next level victoriously to hear the words said to you: “Job Well Done.”

So the frivolous indulges that others who are happily basking in the sauce of mediocrity love to partake in no longer have a pull on your soul as they will actually become an annoyance.

The games that people play with you cause them to be banished from your personal space because you know that you have something of importance to manifest as opposed to baby-sitting someone elses idiosyncrasies.

So be prepare to walk alone when you dare to manifest your dreams, but know that after the naysayers have worked so hard to place doubt in your mind in order to stop you from reaching your goals, in the end they will submit when they finally see what you’ve always known all along…….that within you lies greatness!

…….that in itself after the struggle is the greatest feeling of all.

But in order to get to reach that point of moral victory over your detractors, you will have to learn how to control every thought that goes through your mind.

True Success

I know that you’ve heard that the mind is the playground of the devil, but while many accept this as gospel as there is a ring of truth to it I have to also add that your mind belongs to you first and no devil in hell can hang out and play there unless you give him the permission to do so.

A strong mind is mandatory in your pursuit of a higher existence and this is the first place that the enemy seeks to shut you down.

When dealing with those destructive mind games you have to keep your mind full of what you must accomplish because to be still mentally is to leave an opening for something outside of yourself to enter.

Nothing else other than what you desire on the level of goals should ever occupy your mind!

Protect your thoughts and always make sure that they are on a higher plane than where you stand so that you will always ascend in your existence as opposed to descending into a slump.

Disconnect from the immediate energies around you if need be but do not absorb anything into your mind that will average you DOWN into a place that’s not condusive to you being better tomorrow than you are today.

Keep BUSY! Activity shields you from the destructive effects of the negative people around you and the more you keep focused on your immediate task at hand, the more it renders those around you impotent from slowing down your flow.

That personal concept of mine is very similar to someone treading water in a pool by doing the dog paddle to stay afloat, the moment that you stop paddling is the exact instant that you will begin to sink to the depths of the body of water that surrounds you.

It’s the movement that isolates you from danger just as the focused thoughts isolate you from the negative crap being spewed at you for the purpose of discouraging you from your purpose.

You must always trust in that instinct that instructs you how to navigate this world and is your Spiritual Global Positioning System.

I am so in tune with myself that the moment that I sense an odd spirit in my path I will seek to take another road free from that toxic entity.


So many of us who have such great potential to achieve something of note in this world have thrown it all away because they chose to wrestle directly with a roadblock of a person whose primary goal was to cause them to waste precious time.

While a righteously submitted life is eternal, time is still nothing to be wasted and to argue and even deal with people who have no direction is a drain to your inner resources that will render you just as ineffective and as blinded as they are.

You must have time to yourself first before the outside world gets its hands on you, this is when you check your inner resources and do a pre-flight to remove anything from within your mind that shouldn’t even be there.

Your enthusiasm and drive must be filled to capacity before venturing out into the world because there are surely those that would love for you to return home drained and lethargic.

You are responsible for protecting yourself at all times so that your march toward your goals are seamless.

You can blame no one but yourself if you allow these entities the free space in your head to place the doubts that will deteriorate all positivity like a cancer that has gone unchecked in the body.Envy

I’ve found that the most successful individuals always appeared to have control over their mind and have never allowed themselves to get caught up in what people are saying at them to take them off of their game plan.

You have to remain steady, consistent and steadfast in your walk and you must not ever allow what is transpiring in the external to affect that wonderful mechanism of positivity that you possess internally.

Master that one thing and you will go far in life over and above the reach of anyone who ever tried to make you believe that you couldn’t!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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