Young Black Men Are Calling For Their Demise And They Are Too Dumb To See It!

I got home yesterday after a spiritually challenging day at work and pretty much wanted to do my inner hermit some much needed reclusive justice in a mandatory evening of cocooning that would have made Howard Hughes or Marlon Brando real proud!

So you could understand that I was in such a tranquil laid back mood where I wanted to exist in my Utopia of a home and not have that illusion (?) broken by what I was about to view on the television and its intrusive effect on ours lives.

CNN was my first channel of choice as I felt that I would be comforted with some very intellectual words that would appeal to the sensible kinder gentler side of me, but I was quickly snatched out of my euphoric daze when I witnessed a video clip that was being spoken on and it really pissed me off!


…….because once again here I am watching a video that showed a group of young Black men beating up on a helpless older man literally punching and kicking him in the head to take what was in his pockets to finance their own foolish and selfish cravings. To see this defenseless man disrespected in the worst way made my stomach sick and really turned me off to hearing anything that they would move their mouth to say.

Sagging Thugs

Now it’s not so much about the video as the feelings that were always there that were triggered off inside of me. I am really tired of seeing these young and not so young deadweights justify their anti-social anti-positive anti-Godlike ways and pass them off like it is something to aspire to. I see them as followers who do not even know how to use the aggression given to them in their balls for anything other than screwing some dumb (Yes, as a female you would HAVE to be dumb to lay up with something like that!) hoochie who believes the lies he spews alongside that hot murky pungent sticky load between grunts as he plans his sorry excuse of an exit while he squeezes the last few drops of a dank crotch sauce that if tested is laced with more transfats than a factory full of junk food and cheese doodles or found in a ghetto corner bodega than can shake clogged artery at!

But let me not get beside myself! AHEM! I tend to get like that sometimes when I get passionate about something that I want to express, but how low can we really go people?

Our young men specialize in being the grand masters of stupidity and have somehow formed this worldwide allegiance to showing their ass cheeks in some type of organized rebellion that will only bite them in that same ass very soon one day when they are not equipped to do anything that can support themselves other than catching a charge because “The Man” is holding them down from getting on their grind! But DAMN! If you had a legitimate “GRIND” (Job) in the first place, you would be free of the shackles of mental death and sure demise that comes with being studious in the fine dumb-ass art of thug-hood!

You see, whether you know it or not, these images of us in such a degraded state are broadcast all over the world and it makes everyone feel as though we are a detriment to society and it also makes it so easy to reason that we are better off exterminated than left alive!

So you go on and continue to fall into the trap of death laid out for you through the conditioning of your mind through the genetically modified watered down dumbed-down music and culture that you suck down like a hungry crackhead swallows a man’s next generation just to get out of the cold under a warm roof, a hot bath and get a home cooked meal.

The consequences are steeper than most of these young men think as they seem to feel that it’s a game but how many of their friends funerals will they have to go to before they realize that their life is at stake and the only thing being gambled with?

Don’t they realize that their dumb backside is the main generator of funds for the prison system which in essence is the new modern day slavery?

Isn’t it interesting and sadly amusing that this style of saggin’ their pants makes them walk in the same manner that those who are incarcerated walk when they have those locked ankle chains on which keeps them from fleeing when being transported while in the custody of a Corrections Officer?

Why is it that we glorify this thing called prison culture as though we just can’t WAIT to get locked up to be able to lay around and get taken care of. Damn! I know that I would miss being with a woman so much that THAT ALONE is enough motivation to keep my nose clean in living a law abiding life but then again some men don’t mind WHO sucks their penis so I guess that wouldn’t be an issue the way it is with me who loves women only.

What have we become?


Tune in ten years from now and let’s see how we’ve been cooked in the oven of degradation and stupidity because judging from the fact that we can beat down an elderly person tells me that the meal of complete oppression over our race is almost done!

…….we will be served well with a generous side dish of death because one of the first things that a true African knows deep down in his righteous soul if he doesn’t know anything else is that our Elders are to be respected and honored to the highest order. For they are the ones who are divinely designated to guide us and channel the youthful energies that we have but sometimes don’t have the proper wisdom to utilize on our own.

To hurt the head will ALWAYS eventually kill the body.

It’s literal suicide!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Pissed Off Brother,



To view the video that I saw on the television, click here. Warning, it is a VERY disturbing visual indeed so view with discretion!

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