Welcome back again family,

I am so happy to be able to vibe with you on a written level.

Most of us and hopefully all of us cleanse ourselves every day. We make sure to bath or shower, brush our teeth and wash our hair regularly. But I feel that there is another aspect of cleansing that we neglect and here it is…….

Many totally forget that we need to cleanse our energies from within because there are so many people in our midst that bring a heaviness that they refuse to acknowledge within their lives to conveniently dump it on you. We all have been dealt a hand out of the deck of cards of life. Many times there are those who are dealt a hand in life that may appear to be sub par without a chance of winning on any level in this world.

Often times it is those individuals who excel to go far above what was expected of them because the general consensus of the so called knowledgeable people around them thought their hand was a losing hand.

…….they never accepted that limitation.

There are also those who end up with that subpar hand that feel less motivated to win and will dump their toxicities on to you appearing to be upbeat and positive about your future.

…….this is how they shrewdly get past you defenses.

This is definitely a problem because when you are nice to those around you or those who come into your life, there will be those who have decided that your positive energy and drive is there to use freely without your permission or knowledge While it always is a good thing to ties your energies with those who truly needed to get a boost out of a rut you must understand that there are those who have given up on helping themselves and at best have decided to hook their cart to your horse for a free ride.

You will feel the drain and reduced output in your commitment to reach your goals but many times you will not know where the drain is coming from. The bad part is that the origin of this undetected fatigue can exist under the radar for many years or decades to come.

This free emotional ride can also become so sweet to that one who was so happy to ride your coattails that they will not want anyone else to get close to you who may actually need your help so they will block this person in an undercover manner from ever being able to utilize the energy that you give so freely. You will have no problem with these types of people on the surface as they will maintain cordial dealings with you but will be executing the very wicked intentions of being a cancer to your world because they in their mind THEY must be the only entity to have access to your energies.




You will notice that slowly but surely others who you had healthy relations with will drop one by one from your circle without any explanation. This is happening because there is someone who is working against your goals for their benefit by dropping words that sound sweet about you but contain very low levels of a toxic poison that will kill off the healthy connections that you have always had with other positive people.

This process will always operate under the radar in your world but the good part is once these entities know that you’ve discovered them they will flee quickly once they know you have proof of their words and deeds against you. The days of sucking your energy down for their benefit are over.

Constant maintenance must be done in the restructuring of your world and pursuits. You have to know that you cannot dismiss anyone who has shown their true colors to you and revealed truly what’s in their heart. There is so much deception in our path as we move forward in this earthly journey and we will be disappointed in those who presented themselves as a plus in your life but only had the attention of using you for the energy and worldly positioning that you never had a problem giving in the first place.

It is better to aspire to your goals and move along than to carry the toxic energy of those who never really want to do anything for themselves other than dump their poison on you for you to cleanse them.

Imagine all the people in your circle and beyond as students in the same classroom with the same teacher. We all are given the same homework to do and you will see the enthusiasm of many of your classmates who take joy in getting the homework done. But there will be those other students who have used their brain only to figure out that if they can get you to do their homework they will be better off as opposed to them doing the homework that was given to them.

At the end of the day this attitude causes that student to not pay attention in class as they do their own thing wasting time and draining you as this keeps them from actually learning what they need to know that will aid them as an adult.

By detaching yourself from these shape shifting energies you are doing yourself and actually those who suck from you a favor because they’re forced to stand on their own two feet and face their own past, their own life to do the homework that they should have been doing all along which would have put them in a very healthy progressive place in this life.

If someone comes to you and needs emotional support and if your spirit leads you to do so by all means help them. But when someone comes into your life and ends up pilfering your positive momentum for their benefit you can only know them to be a thief and you must unplug from those who have those types of intentions.

Never allow anyone to make you feel that you are in at to completing the tasks that you need to finish in order to reach your goals. Our creator has equipped us with everything that we need to excel and succeed in this very challenging world, let no one convince you that you need them especially when the unknown trade-off leaves you babysitting those heavy energies that they also bring. It is just not worth it.

You will immediately feel that lack of heaviness and will find that you can execute more of your plan to reach your goals than ever before. But what you must do – I will say again – is to maintain that sense of well-being by checking those in your life to make sure that there are no psychological and emotional thieves robbing you of what only God can give you. I hope you have gained something of value from my words and I thank you for spending your precious time here with me and on this platform. I guarantee I will now produce so much more relevant content now that I’ve gone through a cleansing period of my own.

It was recently mentioned to me that this platform has a pristine track record of longevity and consistency that I didn’t realize until it was pointed out to me. But as I reflect over the last two plus decades of creating I would have to agree with my dear friend who told me that.

That being said you will have people who will come and go for many reasons whether it be to teach you a lesson or to know and learn a different manner of navigation in this world. Whatever it may be that you had to deal with, understand that you are guaranteed the victory if you just hold on and stay true to your intentions and what you set out to do in the first place.

As long as you stay focused at what you’ve committed to there is no force on this planet that can ever stop you from reaching your goals as you have the right to STEAMROLL them out of your way.


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