Imagine two souls locked up in one body fighting for dominance. Inner conflict is the most painful and mentally exhausting human burden that ravishes even the calmest of hearts. That turmoil within you is called inner conflict, and it is something humans have unfortunately created by themselves.

Inner conflict is a constant battle that hinders us from making a smooth decision. It is our thoughts and emotions trying to override what we know is morally right or wrong. This feeling of conflict translates into fear, anger, disgust, confusion, loneliness, etc.

What Is Inner Conflict?
As mentioned, inner conflict is a raging war within oneself. It is being indecisive, but it is much deeper than indecisiveness. This attribute can range from the simplest decision, like taking a bus or Uber to work to picking red shoes instead of blue ones. It can be anything morally, sexually, political, religious, and more. The decision to compromise or not is the result of inner conflict.

Generally, most people avoid conflict like a plague. They see it as negative energy or bouts of emotions that cannot be dealt with at the moment. As a result, many people suffering from inner conflict either suppress, deny, or withdraw from circumstances that exaggerate the situation or believe it does not exist. Well, the latter works great for external conflicts. In as much as inner conflict feels obstructive, positive outcomes do result from it.

However, when you decide (hoping it is soon) to deal with your inner conflict, only then will you win. Even if you lose, it is a win for acknowledging it. Never assume that dealing with your inner conflict makes you a winner. No, it does not always happen that way. It only means you are accepting and looking for viable channels to disperse the feelings within you.

Before discussing various types of conflict, remember this: Even though conflict is inevitable, freeing yourself from its grip is possible.

At the end of the day, conflict regardless of its kind or source challenges you to become more creative and smart about your decision-making. There are plenty of examples, such as a person who believes in women’s rights but thinks she must be submissive in marriage.

What Causes Inner Conflicts?
The battle between what you know and how you feel is an age-old one that will forever happen. The disagreement between our hearts and head is real. Your head will always be the deciding factor of your existence.

However, as long as we attach feelings to things, our hearts will come into play. Moreover, we live in a society influenced by emotions rather than thoughts, hence the beginning of the causes of inner conflict.

Our desire to satisfy the needs of our surroundings is the cause of conflict. Our heads offer a focused and linear kind of intelligence while our hearts are free and illogical. Finding a common ground between these two is like being locked up in a maze.

There is no simple formula for resolving inner conflict. However, there are steps you can take to free yourself from such craziness.

So, what causes inner conflict? The inability to find a balance between our heart and head results in inner conflict, and when our actions match our values, we call it a win. However, when they fail to align, it results in shame, disgrace, and embarrassment.

What Is the Origin of Inner Conflicts?
Humans experience inner conflict for a variety of reasons, but tracing it to one source is not possible. Some factors that trigger it are:

Our background and upbringing
Our belief, doctrine, cultures, and traditions
Our society and the values we learned or adopted into our adulthood
The truth is that the more mentally attached you are to any of the above or anything in life, the more inner conflict you are likely to suffer from.

How Do You Know When Inner Conflict Is Arising?
You know inner conflict is brewing when you find yourself contesting your values or beliefs for options less significant. For example, it is fighting hard to keep your virginity while persuading your boyfriend to understand that you love and value your relationship.



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