Your Home = Your Womb!


There is a reason why the word “home” and “womb” sound very similar to each other. They serve the same purpose. Home is like a womb….Actually it is a womb of sorts….it is there to protect you, feed you, nurture and prepare you for the outside world. It is guaranteed not to be a hostile environment.

At least it shouldn’t be.

The womb keeps the baby warm….Keeps the baby nourished with a constant supply of nutrition that comes from the mothers system….Allows the baby to flourish and grow very much protected in preparation for the stressful place outside of the mothers reach.

Shouldn’t our homes do the same for us?

Shouldn’t our homes be in order so that we can be strong when the tribulations of life come our way? If our homes don’t fulfill it’s divine purpose for us, we will then not have one iota of strength to deal with the stresses of this world when they come our way. And while we as adults are too far away from being inside of our mothers actually physical womb….the womb for us on a divine level IS our home.

Notice I didn’t say “house!”

A house can possibly be a home if it has all of the necessary components in place to function in a nurturing manner….Home can be ANYWHERE you derive those soul enriching necessities that replenish us and wash away the toxicities that the outside terrain can put on us.

I have personally experienced seeing the most humble of circumstances function as a home to the highest standards! Look at all of the great people we have produced in our society that have come from these same humble beginnings. They may not have had the newest gadgets or toys yet there was a bonding and love that many who were blessed on a material level didn’t possess.

Isn’t it something that the biggest tippers are usually the individuals who are not men or women of means?

Isn’t it something that the people who GIVE more are the ones who may not have overwhelming funds in the bank?

While there are wonderful God fearing individuals of means and great financial wealth who are not the norm to this rule, one must admit that these words have a ring of truth to it across the board. And how many kids in our society have been raised with the best that the world has to offer yet can commit suicide so easily….it shows that although our children may WANT to have the latest toys and games, it may not always be what they really NEED!

We as adults want that donut but do we want the heart attack that comes with being obese?

Everything has a price and OHHHH what a price we are paying in this world because we have gotten away from the divine practice of proper home building! We need to get back to basics before it’s too late! Our “womb/homes are not in order as they should be! And WHEN you are ready to GET your “house” straight in order to make it a “home” you must FIRST realize that having obedience to Gods powerful word is the ultimate tune up manual!

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