Your Life: A Proud Collection Of Signature Moments Or A Sad Display Of Shameful Buffoonery?

The more I live this life of mine is the more I believe the statement that says that you are writing the book of your life every single day in every single moment. Yes, I do believe that things are predestined, but I do know that our Creator gave us free will so while our “predestines” are written in stone, I feel that there are literally trillions and billions of new realities to choose from based on our choices.

Our destinies are like roads, winding, twisting and turning taking us to many places, allowing us to meet many people as well as absorbing many influences from many sources. And for those of you who feel as though you have “missed the boat” or rather “missed your calling” in this life I beg to differ. You see, the reality that you feel “stuck in” is only a mere stop along a wonderful road in life but you have been tricked to not ever strive beyond that reality to see what lies beyond its narrow constrictions.

Isn’t that sad?

I mean, imagine growing up in a small town believing that what your reality there is the ONLY reality to experience when in fact there is a big city in existence that you are not even aware of that can challenge your present skills to ascend to the greatness that our Father has place in us just waiting to grow. Now, that is not to say that there is anything wrong or backward or non-progressive with living in a small town. If truth be told, the way things are going these days, I believe the small town lifestyle IS the way to go if one wants to absorb more of the life that they have. But to get back on point, its not about WHERE you are physically but the mindset that you possess in that physical space that determines the fulfillment and gratification derived.

It’s YOUR call and you don’t even know it.

You are NOT trapped where you are, you are standing in the restaurant of life that offers a wide array of dishes to accommodate a vast amount of tastes yet many times you order the same tired dish and you wonder why that wonderful eatery is beginning to look tired and boring to you. Is it that establishment or is it YOUR lack of adventure that you are the victim of every time you sit in front of the menu to order? For some of you, what I just spewed went right over your heads but for the few that got it you know what I am saying is the truth and I speak in this manner not because I am some sort of guru but I too have wasted many years ordering the same tired dish in a five star restaurant!

Yet it dawned on me that I was the only diner with a frown on my face as I took “every predictable bite” of my order.

Every predictable bite of the same old street that I would travel to go home which created a sense of boredom in my routine making me think it was time to move when in fact I lived in such an envied location!

Every predictable bite of the non motivated entities who clung to me in energy spirit draining fashion blinding me to the individuals who actually aspired toward something and would spark the greatness within me once I disengaged those energy drainers from my inner circle.

Every predictable bite of those death hastening fast foods that were set up to keep those high priced greed motivated doctors rich while the feeling of wellness was their never ending “hustle in a bottle” that actually left one worse off and set up for the next expensive inoculation of poison that “promised”an ever elusive relief!

If you allow the negative self serving energies to literally hijack YOUR agenda then you have relinquished your God given right to free will and you will NEVER get to “see” the realities that are just waiting for you to claim like a check with your name on it from an inheritance from which you never knew existed from an unknown and VERY affluent relative! And yes, I know sometimes it can be very challenging to get motivated to do ANYTHING and I would be lying if I said that every single day was a successful Herculean effort which resulted in personal victory and accomplishment. But you have got to understand that life is movement and if you are not moving toward something you are not justifying the space you are taking up and have put yourself in the unenviable position of being replaced!


Because if YOU don’t cash in that divine lottery ticket that is your life someone else will! Stop looking at the overall mess that we have gotten ourselves into from not doing God’s righteous will and look what we can do for someone else DESPITE the garbage at our feet! This in turn will stoke the fires of change and we will begin to see our way out of our confusion!


It is VERY hard to be depressed when you are moving!

Get up and do something!

It doesn’t have to make sense!

Walk outside and help that little old lady down the block sweep her yard, she might look at you like you’ve lost your mind or might be apprehensive that you are trying to do a home invasion but help her anyway! Even if she calls the cops on you! LOL!

If you are depressed and sitting down on a whole lot of money, then randomly go to the supermarket in a poor neighborhood and wait near the checkout line and PAY for the groceries of a woman who seems to be on her last leg! Turn her around and tell her to go and purchase all of the other items that she WANTED to buy but had to put back because she felt that she didn’t have enough. Think you will be depressed after helping HER out?

Why does this work?

Because you have added a dose of MEANING and PURPOSE to your life! When you have purpose then there is NO ROOM for depression to set in and when you have movement WITH that purpose especially when it is a God centered purpose then you just CAN’T go wrong and CAN’T be stopped!

And without even knowing it you have placed yourself on one of those “roads” of free will that will lead you to a higher destiny.

Remember, success is not a destination but a journey that you must master. Like a ship that needs to be guided to bring you to those beautiful and exotic destinations it cannot ever go that far unless YOU grab the wheel and commandeer it to where YOU want it to go! This is how the successful people of the world can literally “project” their achievement long before they manifest in the physical. They are not waiting for a lottery ticket. They are not laying around for mommy and step daddy to get old and die so they can have a nice house. They are not merely toiling on a dead end hopeless job with no side hustles that they are enthusiastic about.


Life has become the ULTIMATE aphrodisiac that intoxicates intensely upon awakening because of the possibilities that are hidden with every passing second.

When you have this type of outlook and momentum in your life you have NO CHOICE but to be continually “on the upswing”…….beautiful term isn’t it?

Say it with me: “On the UPSWING!”

Remember when you would go to the park and swing on the swings? Once you got to swinging really high it didn’t take that much movement to keep that level going now did it? Well life is the same way! It may feel like a huge effort at first but once that ball is rolling the goodness that has been locked away from you and I because of the various levels of the defeatist attitudes that we can sometimes hold on to will come crashing down under the weight and avalanche of blessings that are oh so happy to fall down on our lives from above!

The possibilities are vast but our lifespans on THIS level is limited, so let us write those great chapters of our lives with an intensity never seen before in us and refuse to be a spectator in life when we can be a major participant! Refuse to accept defeat and fight back when the others may quit. The difference with fear and defeat is how we deal with it as it visits EVERYONE at different junction points in their lives.

Are you going to let a defeat become your high point or defining moment?

Not me!

I am like the cyborg in the1984 classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ” The Terminator”, I will keep on coming and coming until I reach my goals! And I must let everyone who does NOT know me personally that I am NOT high on myself but I am HIGH on that “great thing” that my Creator put in me as it is the SAME THING that He put inside of you. The difference is that I have discovered mine after almost living a half a century on this earth and while many others will say that I am too old to be so enthusiastic I say this: I KNOW that I reached the age of 20! Just as I know that I reached 25, 32, 39, 44 and last April 8th, 47!

Now this is not a numbers game but by being blessed to be here so long and having the ability to think, observe and communicate, it has allowed me to share what little wisdom that I have gained HANDS ON so to those who think you know it all you better humble yourself! Because as much as I’ve learned in this life I know that I KNOW NOTHING compared to the One that I have been smart enough to SUBMIT to! And until you can humble yourself to submit to your Creator, you will NEVER reach anything of substance in this world even if you accrue material items you will be a FOOL with money but absolutely NO status in the spiritual realm that we all must ascend to one day! So it is up to YOU whether your life will be a proud collection of signature moments or a sad display of shameful buffoonery.

It’s a shame that most us have chosen a life of shallow buffoonery. We have put the greatness that was instilled in us on the shelf in exchange for the submissive inferior roles to entertain one who never wanted you to rise to live out the potential that is very much a real component of your being. Our lives have then become a caricature and watered down version of what we were SUPPOSE to become that at best shows flashes of brilliance but nothing more than that if anything at all.

So we have no problem working a job that might pay us seven or eight bucks an hour while our toiling earns that same boss of your seventy or eighty dollars for the very work that YOU are performing for HIM to bank that money. But you are too beat down to see this and lack the confidence to take a stand and “go for it” for yourself!

Do you think HE will tell you anything to motivate you to affluence or help you into a position of true wealth?


The most he might “do for you” is to give you an illusion of power by having you manage his affairs by calling you a manager. But don’t think for one minute that as you prance around with a pseudo title and a little more freedom on the plantation (In 2011, the corporate plantation is for everyone, Black AND White! Just look at Walmart or The Home Depot!) that he is not watching you just as hard as ever before behind your back because he knows that you are a little smarter than the rest but lack the confidence to make a major move into the divine.

He knows this. This is why he has given you that paper title in the first place because he knows that it would satisfy and be a temporary fix to that state of low self esteem that you have been struggling with secretly over the years despite your outward achievements!

Buffoonery takes on many forms and although all work is edifying in God’s eyes I believe it still pains Him to see one of His chosen and elite toil at the feet of one who exploits the God given abilities given to one so abundantly. Call it respectable buffoonery. You will NEVER have those signature moments in your life if you are afraid to venture into the unknown.

I have a personal saying that “the unknown is known, it’s just that you don’t know it yet!” and if this be the case, why be scared? Why be scared when God knows all and God is love and God won’t put anything on you that you are not ready for or equipped to deal with? And not to get off topic but PLEASE do not altar that statement to explain your bad choices in this life, I have heard many say the same thing to describe their sorry state of affairs in their life that came from a bad choice!

Don’t do that!

Just because you chose to lay up with a lazy man who has a huge appetite for the liquor, strange women and a dislike for any structured legitimate employment as well as a penchant for putting his hands on you when you don’t give him the rent/mortgage money to subsidize HIS conundrums the DON’T put God in that! If you had only consulted with the Holy Spirit or Third eye as I like to say you would even BE in that circus of a life! So don’t go on saying to your girlfriends in a sentimental moment of reflection that “God don’t put no more on you than you can handle!” Don’t do that because it really looks dumb when you are saying this while at the downtown health clinic waiting to see what new and exotic sounding S.T.D. you have now while sporting a new black eye because you “fell!”

Make the right choices, surround yourself with good people with a proven track record of going after their dreams and always put God’s will and word first. He put the systems in effect that will take you where you want to go as long as He approves. Our Creator is like that father who allows his child to sit next to him in the front seat of the car to “steer” the vehicle wherever that child wants to go as long as that child steers clear of any collisions. In event of any foreseeable or upcoming mishap, that wise father will take over guiding the steering wheel (Divine intervention) momentarily to prevent anything bad from happening. It doesn’t mean that the child never stopped having free will but a wise child knows that the father knows best and had no problem relinquishing the wheel to Him to avoid a bad situation.

How many of us have a major problem when it is time to relinquish that wheel? How many of us rob OURSELVES of the opportunity for a greater existence because we feel that we know it all? what our “books” look like upon the completion of all of our life’s chapters depends on how much we understand that our knowledge is like filthy rags when compared to the wisdom of He who created us. This simple fact will determine if we write a cheap easily forgotten novel that doesn’t even qualify as good toilet bowl restroom reading as opposed to a top selling masterpiece that stays on the bestselling list for weeks on end.

The choice is yours………

Let me hear from you!

I feel like I’m on a roll these days!

It’s because I am not afraid to say that in recent weeks my God had to grab MY steering wheel because sometimes WE can be our OWN worst enemies…….

Myself included!

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