Early on this beautiful day I speak on how your mind is the strongest weapon that you will ever possess.

As a whole society too many of us have forgotten or have never learned how powerful our mind is, if we did we would be able to extract more progress in righteous satisfaction in our lives.

One should spend time every day meditating to maximize the power and effectiveness of our minds to help us reach our goals without wasting any time at all with the myriad of distractions that are always placed in our path.

Think of it as feeding your brain and your mind with the best nutrition in order to be effective and a winner in this life as opposed to the indulgence of the mind altering activities that reduce our ability to succeed.

Too many of us see ourselves languishing in this reduced state and internalize a feeling of never being able to accomplish what others have in their own area of expertise.

This is a living death because we all were made to be successful in our own way and to live a very edifying and happy life regardless as to the circumstances that we were born into.

For us to move about this earth in a reduced state only benefits those who want to oppress us and snatch our Lifeforce in a wholesale fashion for their benefit.

This is why the majority of us in society are suffering in a manner that appears to be never ending.

We all have the ability to break the chains of limited thinking but there is something required of us before we can do so.

This to me will be an ongoing topic but the discussion must be a continuous one because the factors that clogged our mind are always there to hold us back.

Feel free to share your perspectives in the comment area below and I thank you for taking the time to be here to absorb the words that I share in abundance.




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  • Sun-Kissed Felicia Edwards says:

    Well said my Leigh. I support you 100%. I soon come to stand with You.

    • LanceScurv says:

      I look forward to that day so let the countdown begin! #2022

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