Your Passion Is The Precious Cargo Of A Winning Heart!

Too many times throughout my daily walk I see so many individuals get their passion struck down by others who don’t have the guts to dream for a better life.

I am so sick of this when I witness it because it appears to me that misery loves company and so many people who never “made it” in anything want to keep others at their level and it just isn’t right.

To break someones spirit in its infancy as they strive for more by daring to dream is a severe violation because you are now interfering with something that could eventually change the world and might be God ordered to bring miracles into existence.

When you witness someone attempting to discourage someone, you will be blessed beyond all measure if you step in immediately and change the after effects of that attack with a good word.

And if you happened to be reading these words and are feeling down about your chances of reaching your goals because a so called friend, a mate, a stranger or an evil in-law just killed your spirit, understand that God gave YOU your passion for a reason.

Many have allowed this life and the foolish things that they have indulged in to snuff their passion like a hard wind taking the flame from a candle as it sat by an open window. These people have become bitter as they wished that they could renew their drive to succeed at something but have allowed negativity to dwell in their hearts as they look back on some life changing defeat to play it over and over in their head to remain in a perpetual rut.


You will sometimes feel down at times but it doesn’t mean that the realization of your dreams and goals are impossible. You are human and may sometimes need a jump start by changing your surroundings or maybe some physical rest as we can forget in our enthusiasm that we can run ourselves down quickly.

Always keep an eye on your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional resources to keep them “topped off” and full because in this world you will need to always have that reserve energy to make it to the next level of your aspirations.

Also, you are to never seek validation from anyone who isn’t striving for some type of excellence in their own life. How can you seek advice from a street corner drunk on the benefits of clean living? How can you follow the example of a harlot if you want to be strengthened in your righteous walk of remaining pure for your future mate?

I could go on and on with those analogies but I guess you catch the point, but you have to really watch the company that you keep and disengage when you sense your own reserves of passion are being drained. Remember, we are living in a world where we must trust in our intuition because all things that appear to be good are not always what they project to be.

Your passion is the precious cargo of a winning heart and like that football player that has the ball and is running for that crucial touchdown, your passion is what the do nothings of this world will seek to destroy so that you never make it like them.

Keep on pushing. Keep on swinging. Never stop striving as long as you possess life, health and strength and know that your God will provide the way for you to achieve victory even when there seems to be no way for you move up! A way WILL be made and never forget that!

…….and remember, if you see someone who is discouraged or feeling like quitting, reach out to them with a kind word, a compliment or merely to listen to what they are going through so that your intervention will help to place them back on a positive track. This is how we are to look out for each other as children of God with the unconditional love that we can give!

You will be blessed to give of yourself as a blessing!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Always Motivated Brother,



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