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Analyzing and duplicating the success rates of great relationships is an infinite undertaking because of the vast amount of unique variables and countless factors that make each and every union a world all onto its own.

But there are some underlying commonalities that Jessica Bordelon believes are a common thread in all of them and here she seeks to speak on a few that are on her cerebral radar screen at the moment.

Many individuals in today’s very hectic world feel as though having a great relationship is something that must be placed on hold indefinitely until one reaches their long term goals on their own.

You’ve got to wonder how many wonderful people out here in the world are missing out on a soul enriching life enhancing relationship because they feel as though they don’t have the time because of the dreams that they possess and desire to manifest.

But nothing could be further from the truth because a relationship with the RIGHT person will only drive you to your goals even faster because of the stronger base and support that you will now have to strengthen your life.

But investing your life with the RIGHT PERSON is the key!

Just like the title of this video states, your success is 90% the person you marry.

Now since this is the case just think of how many motivated people will not reach their goals because they’ve allowed themselves to join onto an individual who is not compatible with them in their temperament and lifestyle.

The bottom line is that motivated people need to be with motivated people!

While there are many more crucial factors involved in maintaining a great relationship and marriage, this should be one of the first qualities that one should investigate when considering a person as a potential mate!

…….if you’re motivated beyond measure it just won’t work out if this wonderful new prospect hasn’t a clue as to what they want to eat for their next meal! LOL!

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