Your World Might Fall But Your Spirit Must Stand Tall!

This morning as I woke up I made a point of turning on the television set to see how the September 11th 9-1-1 memorials were coming along and the first thing that I thought to myself is that I couldn’t believe how much time has passes since those planes flew into the World Trade Center towers and how fresh it all replayed in my mind as though it happened just yesterday.

For many it is a time of deep meditation and reflection and a time to be thankful for making it this far in our lives even if we may not be exactly where we want to be we still have a shot at the prize if we keep on swinging.

Twin Towers

To see the faces of those who lost their loved ones in that unfortunate incident is quite a humbling expression indeed. You see, certain facial expressions cannot be faked, when looking into the eyes of one who has had to endure such a traumatic and tremendous loss one can feel an intensity that we may not have felt ever before in our personal lives.

When you absorb the depth of emotion from one who has truly taken this personal blow head on and without warning such as those who had to go through this loss you now have a gauge to know when a conman is trying to play on your feelings with crocodile tears because you know what the real face of pain and lose looks like.

No matter what the argument may be as to the hidden agendas behind what the terrorists planned and carried out or whether there was a conspiracy behind the whole thing, the fact of the matter is that REAL PEOPLE were affected either way and I feel that it is the REAL PEOPLE who should be soothed and applauded for their strength and how they have been forced to handle a loss on this day that many of us probably couldn’t endure because not all of us possess the mettle that it takes to pick ourselves up and march on in life with such a gaping would of the heart!

Now at the same time I know that while the majority of us can only sympathize and console those who had to deal directly on some level or another in their personal losses on September 11, 2001, there are still many personal “911’s” that we have had to deal with in our lives that may not have had the world watching because it didn’t have the collective magnitude of such a high profile disaster as in the Twin Tower attacks.

…….but this does not minimize the pain and loss that we’ve had to go through and doesn’t make it any less of a traumatic experience to say the least.

As a matter of fact, going through a tremendous loss all alone has to be one of the most challenging tasks that one can have dropped in ones lap that I can think of.

Imagine being the only child with one living parent who has migrated to America in order to work hard and send money back to that parent only to find out that you will never see that loving mother or father again because you just got the word of their unfortunate passing? This is this person’s own 911 story of grief.

Imagine the pain of that single mother who has four young children in single digit ages and knows that there is no one else to love and care for them if something happened to her but yet she just finds out that she has full blown AIDS and is not expected to make it that much longer. She didn’t always have the money to look after her health because her kids always came first but she knew that something was wrong with the recent amount of frequent ailments and the general feeling of being run down.Who is going to take care of her babies? This is her own personal 911 story of despair.

Ground Zero

Imagine the pain of a man who has always done for his family and friends as he has always had the means to do so coupled with a kind, loving and giving heart. There was nothing that this individual wouldn’t do for a friend in need, but as a few bad business decisions and a few accountants who turned out to be thieves manifested their cold conniving hearts at the most inopportune of times, fate would have it that this generous man would lose everything and as the people that he helped “like a trooper” without fail turned their backs on him one by one, he had no choice but to move into a homeless shelter after losing everything and spending a few nights out on the streets. It’s a hard lesson to learn when the darkest parts of human nature rears its ugly head at the worst time possible but I would say that THIS is this mans personal 911 tale of abandonment and brutal realizations of deceit.

So while today is a special day to commemorate not only a tragic event that should never be forgotten as long as we have the health and strength to remember it, but let us not forget those who have had to endure their OWN personal terrorist attacks with the commemorations and without the sympathies shared because their particular situation wasn’t able to be seen throughout the world over and their healing had to be completed in the painful solitude away not only from the masses of the world but also their own inner circle because to be honest, many of us do not share our pains and what we happen to be going through at the moment with others.

World Trade Center Rubble

It’s a lonely world when you go home to house that has no food or heat and you don’t have the money to pay for these basic needs yet you are expected to wake up strong and ready to go when it is time to go to your job IF you actually have a job at all! Been there done that! That is my OWN personal 911 tragedy that causes me to push so hard to never have to go back there ever again!

Let us not forget that woman who was raped repeatedly by that despicable family member at such an early age that as she tried to voice her pain to her family she was told that she was a troublemaker or that she was making it up, let us not forget that while many of us have defeated the pain of our personal 911’s, every family gathering that SHE attends is a mockery to her pain as she witnesses her assailant enjoying the love and respect that he never deserved while she is deemed an outcast for speaking up and is merely tolerated and basically shunned.

As you can now see, too many of us are going through things that you might not be able to see but are as real as the computer or smartphone that you are reading this article on.

So while on this day we acknowledge those who have had to endure those demonic attacks here on American soil killing so many innocent people who didn’t deserve to get caught up in something that they had no dealings in whatsoever, let us take the extra time to understand that there are countless others who need your sympathy, love and understanding because they just might be going through their personal 911 recoveries on an emotional level as well as the spiritual and physical.

We know not what our sisters and brothers are going through and just the way YOU would want someone to extend their kindness and resources to you in YOUR time of need, show your creator that you are willing to reflect the loving heart that HE has always shown you by extending yourself to those who simply are down and out and feel as though there may not even BE a way out!

The World Trade Center or Twin Towers as others may refer to them as are gone forever and stand no more, but understand that while the buildings have fallen the spirits stand tall!

What I am telling you that no matter WHAT falls in your life or WHAT appears to fail in your midst, while you are only human and may have the wind knocked out of you for a moment you are to get UP and conquer all of the obstacles inside and out and NEVER let your spirit fall because it is the warrior spirit within you on a righteous level that will rebuild the “tall buildings” of your life back once again!

The buildings of your home!

The buildings of your love life and a committed loving mate!

The buildings of your cash flow and a stable means of employment!

The buildings of living addiction free to never touch those substances again! The buildings of having your family back to share the love that you have in your heart that was always there even after your falling out with them!

World Trade Center Memorial

I could go on and on but the situations that we all collectively go through are so vast but the principle of healing and victory remain the same no matter what! As long as you stay connected to your Creator above you might have some trials and tribulations to endure that in the end will enhance your personal strength, growth and scope of wisdom, but you will NEVER falter to the point of a final defeat you are merely going through a future testimony that you will be glad to share once your have reach that glorious point of victory!

Your world might fall but your spirit MUST stand tall no matter what your Ground Zero has been!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

LanceScurv                                                                                                                                                                                                                             407-590-0755

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