While we know that YouTube continues their censorship of pro-Black channels, that censorship has swung the way of the LanceScurv YouTube channel as it has recently disabled our live streaming capabilities, removed several older videos that they have claimed violated their user policies and of course the disabling of the Super Chat feature as well as demonetizing the channel!

I had to think to myself “who in the heck did I piss off” as I understood the concerted effort that was being made to bring my channel down in to nothingness by micromanaging my every move on their platform.

Yes, I get it! The handwriting is on the wall and only a foolish man would refuse to see what must be done. This is a call to execute my plans of total independence where these bias YouTube employees cannot touch me as I continue on to share my expressions on many levels to motivate and inspire the masses to think outside of the oppressive boxes and crab barrels that are out here beckoning us to jump in and give up our spiritual eye in exchange for the illusion of their nonexistent security and guaranteed instability.

Who needs it?

It’s a big world out here and it’s time to move on to where I can spread my wings and fly! I also want to thank Brother Ajamu for his enthusiasm to share his wealth of knowledge here with us as well as his input into this particular discussion. Coming together as a people is effortless when your mind is in the right place and although the thought of our unity scares that legion of YouTube employees to give people like me hell for expressing my views, it cannot stop us from finally being forced to communicate face to face directly like we always have which in my mind is the best way!

They can stop you from streaming live but they can never stop us fro LIVING LIFE IN UNITY. Our conversations will NEVER END but they just might move to a different arena! PEACE!


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