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It’s a very public modern day Shakespearean tragedy where there is no winner except that opportunistic leeches called the mainstream media, who benefit from the curiosity of the masses in the George Zimmerman trial.

They received untold millions for their high advertising rates from those who need a captive audience to absorb their sales pitch while the parents of Trayvon Martin move about the earth in utter lack feeling the ultimate pain that every parent fears would one day be theirs.

I oftentimes ask myself, is there really justice in a place where grown men and women who claim they believe in the credo “In God We Trust” yet say the cold hearted insensitive comments while hidden away safely in the comfort of their homes, behind the shield of a keyboard to further reveal what we as Black people have always known our bigoted neighbors and coworkers.

They hold secretly in their hearts an evil feeling about us behind the plastic smiles and labored courtesies executed that are so obviously strained in a game of “let’s play pretend” while the elephant in the living room of denial lives on eating well from that dirty plate called racism.

Even more than the Casey Anthony trial and the O.J. Simpson case before that, this trial has the potential to cause rioting, killings and shootings of an above what has ever transpired here in the United States.

…….a potentially lethal blend of emotions just might flare on that fateful day!

There will be a verdict and there WILL be a reaction, but as obvious as it is that George Zimmerman has a strange chance to walk, we need to rally together in a strong show of unity that will shut down this system once and for all to enforce that this will never happen again no matter WHAT the outcome!

Let’s talk about it!

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