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Are Black people Monolithic?

Are we all the same?

Do we react in a similar manner regardless of the vast amount of cultural, political, religious, nationalistic variables that we possess?

While the answers to these questions are quite obvious, many who depend solely on what the so called Mainstream Media puts out to the world on the imagery of Black people collectively may be led to believe just that.

But it’s also a case of life imitating art because many gullible and impressionable Black people feel that the limited roles that are projected to the world are the only manifestations of our “development” that are possible to attain.

Many of us have internalized that if we are not a baby mama, thug, dope boy, combative and confrontational loud woman, butler, maid, mammy, clown, stripper, buck, philanderer, prostitute, drunk or buffoon, that we cannot be anything else other than the limited people of that list.

Hollywood dictates what imagery goes out to the world and too many of us talk revolution when we are broke and unknown yet readily cater to the mentality of the people who cut those big checks and turn around to call ourselves “The New Black!”

So we fall into place never to make waves because we’ve tasted “the promised land” of a wrongly perceived inclusion and will sell out the rest of a suffering oppressed people because we think this will secure our position to receive more of the slave-master’s amenities.

But regardless as to WHAT Hollywood and the News Media platforms choose to project of us as a people, we are NOT MONOLITHIC!

Listen in once again to the brilliance of Dr. Ramona Brockett as she displays an insight that threads together the many shrouded factors that a cunning industry utilizes to manufacture a deadly perception that is the precursor to our total destruction if we don’t WAKE UP!

Please share your perspectives and views in the comment area below and let us continue to keep this very important conversation going!

God bless you all and thank you for listening and your participation.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I thing I wanna thank Dr. Brockett for is adopting a human rights orientation over a civil rights orientation. But anyway, you’re damn right we’re not a monolith. And I respect where all my brothers and sisters are coming from.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I agree with Dr. Brockett that the next president (because of immigration issues) could usher in some kind of “blackout” that will leave us being replaced by Hispanics and Asians with regards to representation on TV and in other places as well, but to me it’s an opportunity. What did L.L. say to Canibus? He said: “Now I’m goin’ underground and blowing you rep down!” Keep that in mind.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    So Credit Flow Dollar needs a cool 65 million to survive?

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    You ever watch that show To Catch A Predator? You see how violent the cops here in the south take their guys down compared to the ones in California and other places outside the south? That says a lot. They’re all the same off camera, though. Let’s be real.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    It’s almost like Black Hollywood is being made to publicly recite their allegiance in the event that something goes down sometime soon.

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