FEMA Misconduct Scandal, Atlanta Rapper Killed & Pedophile Beatdown! – The LanceScurv Show

Today we speak about the FEMA Sex Scandal that had the head of Human Resources, Corey Coleman, used his hiring power to trade jobs for sex with random women that he would meet on social media apps and bars.

We also speak on the shooting death of Atlanta Rapper Aseliniko whose murder was caught on a live stream while sitting in a car with his child and child’s mother. What a terrible situation to have to deal with! Meditate for them and send them positive and comforting energies as they deal with extreme trauma and loss!

Last but not least we share a video of a Brooklyn pedophile who was caught after luring a 14 year old to a room with the intention of having sex with her. But divine intervention was in the cards as this young creep’s friends showed up to give him a sound beating in order to put some kind of sense into his head. His friends who administered this beating referred to themselves as “The Patriots”…….appropriately so I’d say!


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