A person’s reactions tell more about their character than they could ever imagination but the information that they involuntarily share about who they are usually goes undetected because the majority of the time we are blinded by their engineered actions.

We must open our eyes and look past the paper thin facade that most who are deceptive in their nature offer up to you in a Trojan horse fashion in order to position themselves in your inner circle to eventually infest your life like the leech that they are to usurp your mental, spiritual or physical resources for their selfish purposes. So much could have been avoided in hindsight if we had only observed the red flags of deception that were oh so obvious yet overshadowed by their seductive larger than life persona.

When new people enter your life please take the time to get to know who they truly are and instead of taking them on face value look for the devil in the details to allow their unplanned reactions to reveal what they are working so hard to conceal. Implementing this ideology into your life will save you a whole world of trouble that could have been avoided.

Please share your perspectives and experiences in the comment section below and let us continue this very important conversation as hopefully someone would benefit from it! Thanks for swinging by and know that your presence here is always appreciated!

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