In this life we often hear of the term “haters” being used quite frequently. While we all know what and who the haters are in our lives, we tend to forget the positive aspects of having haters in our lives and what purpose they fulfill ultimately.

I have accrued many of these types in my life, past and present and have become quite bedazzled as to why. But it’s very much a mathematical equation because the more potential to achieve and accomplishments under your belt that you have, the more haters you will possess!

They are your personal invert cheerleaders!

When one has a great vision that hasn’t even been accomplished yet, believe me, the haters believe in you. How could I say this you ask? Well, if you didn’t have a shot in any way at your goal, these slimy individuals wouldn’t even waste their time trying to discourage you and attempting to stop something that they never could achieve themselves.

Even in the most basic of science lessons, you find at the molecular level positive matter, neutral matter and negative matter. We can use these annoying entities called haters to propel us to even greater heights! For their negativity gives us a template and a launching pad from which to shine!

Haters will swear up and down that they are not negative, and sometimes believe this wholeheartedly. But it’s ok, ’cause deep down they know the truth. They produce nothing but the mediocre and thrive in seeking out the negative aspects to all situations. When they witness your ability to have a positive vision and the strength and focus to bring it to fruition, their hateful venom gives them a strong purpose in life!

They need you.

They actually hate when you are not around because they cannot feed off of you and your positive energy. They may act as though they love you being around but do this in order to draw you near to sabotage you ultimately.

But check THIS out….your in-house haters can actually be very pleasant to be around once you get to understand them and their low self esteem issues, they can be played to perfection to the point when you explain to close friends that this person is a hater, they will NOT even believe you! You can get haters to do favors for you and even fight for you in certain situations. The reason why they do this is that they want to defend their “rights” to hating on you first over and above anyone else!

Here is a fine example of a statement that explains their twisted sick mindset in this particular scenario: “I’ve been hating on ” YOUR NAME HERE” for SO LONG that I’d be DAMNED if I let anyone else just waltz on up in here and get to hate on “YOUR NAME HERE AGAIN” just like that!”


So they will be very coy in maintaining their “key” position in your life whether it be of a work situation, a church environment or even worse, an in-law situation.

Haters FIEND for inside information. In their mind if they could get even just a little “dirt” on you, they feel as though they can mix in a few lies with it (Like Hamburger Helper, but in this case, Hater Helper! LOL!) to produce a creditable noose to hang your good reputation with! This is why when you may appear down or stressed about something, your hating nemesis will come to you calmly in order to “aid” you, what they are hoping for is the rare opportunity to get an inside “peek” into the inner workings of your mind, your life, your bank account, your love life…..WHATEVER they can learn about you would further their cause greatly even if it is an insignificant “scrap” of info, they will be GLAD to have it!

Don’t let them know a THING!

It can be a vicious cycle….avoid these types by all means possible. But PLEASE DO NOT make it obvious! They are always very much aware of their positioning and distance to you and can detect when you are aware of their covert presence. Never tell a hater off, never curse a hater out, never do this please! The game here is to make the hater think you are oblivious to his/her attempts while they secretly plan your downfall. When pleasantly approached by a certified hater, find yourself too busy to engage in their traps as you appear to genuinely enjoy their company.

This can be very hard to do, but in the end it is VERY necessary indeed!

Remember, if one touches a burning hot stove, they don’t have to keep their hand on it too long to realize that they will eventually be burnt if they do not move it away! True haters will eventually know that you are avoiding them due to the fact that their venom stores will begin to grow at a phenomenal pace! They will secretly be angered that you knew all along that they have these negative feelings toward you and will mount an all out attack covertly on your character! They do this because for a short time out of their denial, they will realize that they truly are a hater! So keep being positive! You are their only hope! But PLEASE, Like they say in the sport of boxing, protect yourself at all times!

But the sad fact of the matter is that dealing with a hater in the end, is like wrestling a muddy pig who picked a fight with you bright and early on a Sunday morning while you are on your way to a church service while you are wearing your SUNDAY BEST!

While you will most likely defeat the pig with absolutely no problem, your victory is short lived because now you have mud all over you!

Always be careful who you allow into your life and please don’t let the smile fool you!


About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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