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With the ever increasing complications that come with this modern day thing called relationships, it seems that most people simply don’t want to get married to anyone even when they proclaim that they do verbally.

It seems that these days the institution of marriage and the traditional structure of family is a passing phenomenon in a world of ever increasing dysfunctional situations.

We have extended families were the core original family has been severely altered. We have relationships that are placed on top of situations without closure and raw wounds still unhealed.

Marriage Joy

How can we merely pick ourselves up to swiftly dust ourselves off to join onto someone else without bringing the old emotional unfinished baggage into the new union? It becomes a compounded mess when you consider that it may not have been too long for that new person to have gotten over the situation that they recently came out of.

We seem to change “significant others” as rapidly as we change the shirts on our back. We do not take the time to get to know our mates in an slow and sure manner as it appears that we want those gaps of mandatory and very much of a healing state called being alone to become a long term state in our lives.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely, yet we confuse the two and seem to get ourselves into a world of trouble from the extreme drama of taking someone new into our lives without the waiting period that ensures the union between the both of you is a sound and thorough fit.

We, both men and women, seem to operate off of emotion more so than the practicality and sound sensibility of a romantic/matrimonial pairing like so many other cultures and races of people do.

We get swayed by the visuals and illusions of the mating game so fast and because our senses become aroused we take this altered state and find ourselves making a commitment to an illusion of a significant other. Not the real person behind the feel good infatuation period, but the person that we feel that they are that we later find out is a total fabrication of our minds.

These are the illusions weaved by the so called players who can place many women in that hypnotic state by studiously tuning in to the signal that they give off and playing into them making their lives an open buffet bar of every pleasure and amenity that their intoxicated selves can offer.


But for every woman that claims that she does NOT ever want to be married ever again or never at all for the first time, there are many more who get caught up with a leech of a fool.

I understand that there is a collective state of hurt in the lives of these women who just can’t seem to ever find the balance and the peace of mind that a good man can bring, but why is it that they always seem to fall for the losers? Especially when it is such an obvious thing in hindsight!

Real men don’t play games. Real men do not waste time when they see a good women that they want. He knows how difficult it is in the vast sea of gold diggers, party-goers, dead beats and downright strange women to meet one who is worthy of making his wife. But in the same manner that most good women complain about not being able to find a good man that they can settle down with, just as many men echo those sentiments!

As we age, the dating scene becomes a more daunting task to face on a regular basis and it actually becomes a downright burden and stress. Many men simply give up and settle for the partial low expectational arrangement of dating a woman they’re not really connected to for the physical satisfaction or a no pressure type of companionship.

These agreements rarely stir the soul and grant the deep satisfaction that we really need and crave, but human nature being what it is, we still hold on to that miniscule glimmer of hope that someone will show up in our lives that is the ultimate mate!

But while so many men feel this way, deep down they are sick and tired of being confused from the mixed signals that they receive from the women that they meet on the subject of marriage.

Do these sisters really want marriage anymore or are they going to live their lives being bitter at the men that they’ve opened themselves up to only to be burned in the end. With the divorce rates skyrocketing as it is, many enter into a prospective courtship feeling as though they have a better chance at hitting the lottery than they do at succeeding at marriage.

Some may profess that they do but most often their actions say otherwise.

It’s definitely confusing so on this episode of The LanceScurv Show we ask the ladies “Do Women Really Want Marriage Or Are Just Playing Games?”

Let’s bare our souls and clear this up once and for all! And for you happily married or miserably joined couples, we also want to hear from you to get a perspective on what are the ups and downs to this very elusive state of being between two people!

Time: Friday October 4, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

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