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The truth is an absolute defense! The truth is an absolute defense!

I say that because America and the world seem to be up in arms after the Arizona shooting that killed and/or wounded several innocent persons.

A huge debate is going on about words by and about politicians that may or may not have provoked the shootings. Most people have suggested that political rhetoric should be toned down.

To me, it is not how loud a protester speaks to an elected official or non-violent gathering of citizens, it is not how wicked the language is that is used and what is said in person, on TV or on radio has no relevance whatsoever to a “Tea Party” or other organization that thrives on bombastic comments by organization members.

I think liars on both sides of political debates are the ones responsible for upsetting people so much their anger results in unnecessary violence and bloodshed!

My condolences go out to all of the victims in Arizona. I am especially sorry about what happened to the judge.

Reports indicate that the judge that was shot was truly an honorable officer of the court.

It is very sad that a good judge was killed when biased, racist beasts in Black robes get away with judicial injustice every day!

Much more so than political rhetoric, abuse of Constitutional rights, denial of equal protection under the law, kangaroo courts masquerading as fair trials and judges that conduct trials and hearings where the law means nothing if you can’t afford an expensive law firm cause far more frustration and outrage than any word by politicians or political pundits or political protesters.

When revolutions break out anywhere in the world, some of the main targets of the revolutionaries are the people that hold up and maintain corrupt political and economic systems that exploit and oppress the masses of the people.

If you are reading this column, I don’t care what city or state you live in if you are Black you have a friend, neighbor or family member that has been over-prosecuted, wrongfully sentenced and wrongfully violated, in terms of probation, and to serve time in jail or relinquish your hard earned homes and possessions by a biased and/or insensitive judge that ignores the oaths of judicial officers, elected or appointed, to insure that laws are followed.

If everybody in America was treated fairly, given equal opportunities to succeed, given equal rights and justice and equal protection under federal, state and local laws then and only then will people seek to create a community where we all can sometimes disagree without being disagreeable.

I don’t think you need to change or harness or limit political or governmental debate. All we have to do is tell the truth in our political discussions, writings, reports and news stories.

The truth is an absolute defense. Jesus loves the truth and we should too!

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