Is It Really That Important?

One of my personal nightmares that drives me hard in this life with a vicious sense of urgency is for me to find that my life was lived in vain to satisfy the lower desires of the flesh only to discover that in the hereafter that it accounted for absolutely nothing to secure my soul in that place called Heaven.

Sure, we get save by grace and not by works but so many individuals take this as an excuse to sit down on their asses and not do anything with the rich talents given to them by God in this life.

I believe that to think in that manner is not what our God desired for us down here on this earth.

We all have a designated work to do while we are here and we all have a very unique positioning and timing with that work. When you see people who may be publicly praised for a heroic deed that they were somewhere at the right place at the right time to perform, you realize that they lived their whole life to be ready for that moment that would be recognized as very crucial to something or someone else bigger than what the world may have thought of their seemingly nondescript existence.

I’ve never heard of any person from the past being touted and remembered for having the best horse and buggy in the neighborhood and I don’t feel that anyone today will be remembered as a great individual because of the luxury vehicles that they claim to own.

So why do we try so hard to gain these meaningless material items?

This life is just too short when you realize how much time that we didn’t exist on this earth before we were born and how much time will go on long after we have passed on to the next level.

Our individual talents are placed in us by our Heavenly Father and His vast system with such a short time to execute and develop them, yet we live our lives so oblivious to how fragile life really is and in our quest for worldly acknowledgment we risk so much as everything we do affects our positioning in the eternal.

But we never seem to actually see this truth because we have been fooled into such a carnal way of thinking never seeing things in a spiritual light as the spiritual beings that we are. We are given this technology all of a sudden and literally out of nowhere in an attempt to keep us from seeing reality for what it truly is. We all have our particular talents to work together in this world for the greater good. While at times we can live almost an entire lifetime aimlessly not knowing our role, if we hold on and have faith in the total system of our God we will eventually spring forth the hidden seeds placed in us an realize how important our positioning really is.

Do not let ANYONE make you feel as though you don’t count! I don’t care WHO it is, friend, family, neighbor…….WHOEVER!

You are a crucial and very important part of creation whether you want to believe this or not. I don’t care if you are down and out in the mud with absolutely nothing to eat except for that old salty wet pizza crust that you could dig out of the garbage can, your life is a miracle in the making! Never think that God has given up on you, He never does, it is only that we lose our connection too Him! We just have to understand WHAT it is that is important in our lives and once we come to that realization, the crap that has infested our existence will melt away like the tossed away ice cubes from a finished cup of Pepsi Cola on the hot summer pavement!

And if someone persists in attempting to make you feel insignificant then look at your role in life like that tiny part in an expensive watch that will not work if that microscopic part is not present to maintain the working order OF that timepiece! Without YOUR very important presence the Divine plan will not work if HE meant for you to be there to play that important role! Case closed.

With all of this divine potential flowing through us it is only US who minimize our roles here in creation. Well how do we do that Scurv? You do it by putting your focus on the things that just do not matter!

The amount of “Facebook friends” that you have doesn’t even matter if you are to be A FRIEND to that one person that you influenced to NOT put that gun to his head and NOT pull the trigger! Are your Facebook friends more important than saving the life of one of your face to FACE friends?

Putting on a ton of makeup on your face to make you appear to possess great beauty means nothing when you have an ugly spirit on the inside! Can the illusion be that important when one day the nasty spirit will lash out showing what you are deep down on the inside? Is it really that important?

That lavish banquet that you threw means nothing except for a little ego stroking if you know that your Sisters and Brothers downtown at the homeless shelter are going to bed hungry! Can you face God on Judgment Day and tell Him how selfish you were in wasting so much of HIS food and still expect to get into that good place called Heaven?

That trip to the beauty parlor to fry the hair on you and your childrens heads means nothing if you don’t take the time to help put something worthwhile IN THEIR HEAD¬† as they so desperately need a quality education today. Is that hairstyle THAT important?

I believe you got the picture.

To make priority the trappings of this world only minimize your chances to see Gods face not because the wonderful things of this world are bad, but because we have allowed these things to become gods beside God and our God is a jealous God indeed as He should be! Why? Because look at ALL He has done for us and here we go idolizing a stone image of a so called Saint. A statue that can’t do a damn thing for anyone but we say that we wont be fooled! Is the form and fashion of a confused man made religion worth risking your eternity in Heaven because of an allegiance to a piece of stone? Is it really that important?

A life built around the fads and fashions of the day will surely pass but a life built on righteous principal will never die.

…….And THAT is the ONLY thing that is REALLY important!


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