Pastor Chris Hill BUSTED Having An Extramarital Affair With Church Employee! – The LanceScurv Show

Bishop T.D. Jakes “Spiritual Son”, Pastor Chris Hill of the Potter’s House Denver Church was exposed in having an extramarital affair with his “Spiritual Daughter” and Church Employee, Ms. Shirnae McFarlane. You simply couldn’t think this type of scenario up, tune in to hear how this entire mess started and you will begin to understand why so many people are leaving the church roster in record numbers!

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Pastor Chris Hill BUSTED Having An Extramarital Affair With Church Employee! - The LanceScurv Show

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  • Tokozani says:

    You’re being a bit dramatic though don’t you think. The message says they were having an affair for a couple of months, the young couple got married in 2014 before the affair happened. I am not a religious person but I know of them. You should atleast get the facts right instead of trying to make the story more juicy. And why the fuck is she the church whore and not him? Fuck you with your misogynistic tendencies bitch ass punk. It’s exactly this kind of thinking that’ll shame the woman and never the man, He couldn’t keep it in his pants, the church leader

  • Shinna Randolph says:

    I go to the Potter House of Denver and I agree with this message totally I was homeless with the kids and tried to get help and I was told to go to other churches but like you said he paid for the wedding

    • Im sorry to hear how he shunned you but in the end he was exposed as he deserved to be! Could you imagine how much of the church’s money went out to finance their exorbitant spending????

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