Please Don’t Go To The Shopping Mall If You Want To Experience The Fruits Of The Spirit During Christmas!

The other day I had the inconvenience of walking through the Millennia Mall here in Orlando Florida. I mentioned it that way as an inconvenience because I saw absolutely too many things on a deeper level that were distasteful to me.

Now granted, it may seem hypocritical coming from me when I speak about the mall in a negative light because I find myself there several times a month as I like to catch a good sale in building up my wardrobe. But in the weeks leading up to the holiday season, the shopping experience has morphed into something quite unlike what I’m used to dealing with during the rest of the year.


There is an unholy tension in that place that doesn’t reflect the holy demeanor the should be the overriding feeling in the atmosphere because of whose birthday it’s “supposed” to be. It makes you wonder, when exactly did Christ get removed from the Christmas celebration?

Or was HE ever present in the pandemonium of this commercialized profit driven event in the first place? From what I saw at the mall on this particular day, we are so far removed from anything remotely resembling anything that Christ stood for. I saw everything that was NOT the fruit of the spirit!

It almost put me into a panic when I didn’t see any measure of true love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. I did see some happy looking expressions on a few of the faces that blended back into the crowd, but even then, when gazing into the eyes of many of them, their eyes betrayed the intentions that the smile exuded.

Christmas Tree At The Mall At Millenia

Not for nothing, but many times I have to remove myself from the big crowds that I used to flock to when I was a youngster because I can see so much more now that I could at those budding and developing ages. I often ask myself has the world gotten worse or am I seeing more of the grimier side of life because of my heightened awareness of all things spiritual.

After a time of meditation and self reflection, I do believe that it’s a little bit of both. Many of you here know that I’m an artist, so it’s in me to “see” a little more of the moment to extract some deeper truth maybe a lot deeper than most people who might overlook a revelation.

And while overall I don’t see the world in a negative light, I refuse to keep my mouth quiet when I do see the things that are not too positive all because I don’t want to be the one to break the bad news.

I feel that if you don’t acknowledge an uncomfortable issue then how will it ever be dealt with to make things better? My Third Eye was wide open on this particular afternoon, and I saw many snippets of what was surrounding me that day as what we call the “Fruits Of The Spirit” was curiously seemed to be out to a long lunch break at the time.

Millenia Mall Shoppers Line Up For I Pad 3

Love? – I saw intense dislike from people who didn’t even know each other bordering on hate judging by the looks exchanged between them most often because maybe someone had on a nicer outfit than the other.

The only love that was in abundance in my eyes was the narcissist love of self, some individuals couldn’t walk past a mirror without peering at themselves in their reflection in a way that let you know that they were caught up in themselves in an unbalanced way.

Joy? – The only joy that I saw was in the children who didn’t realize that they were being trained to believe that true joy was in the purchasing of the glittery glitzy material items of the world. This in fact just might be a set up for them down in their later years for those deep bouts of depression which sets up the unpredictable suicides that happen when one falls down on bad financial times and can’t keep up with the Jones’s with the latest toys.

The adults that were responsible for these children seemed to act more childish than their children did with the expressions and demeanor that one would expect from a fighter making the long ring walk in a championship pay-per-view mega fight. This was definitely a spiritual disaster and budding dysfunctional situation waiting to happen.

Christmas Graphic

Peace? – Come on! When do you really find peace at the mall before Christmas? That was never the case even years ago when things were a lot more tranquil, but I’ll tell you one thing, I’m seeing higher levels of madness in each passing year amongst the crowds in public during this time and the tension in these places can be cut with a knife.

No one seems to cut their fellow shoppers any slack, the pushing, the shoving, the verbal flare ups and profanity laced shouting surely does not represent Christ even though half of these heathens will tell you that they are devout “Christians” at the drop of a dime.

Patience? – No one takes their time at the mall because they feel as though they’re missing out on something and seem to be in a mad rush while not even knowing where they are going. Whatever happened to having a shopping list before entering a proprietary establishment?

These mindless people go into the mall looking at everyone and everything as though they didn’t have a plan and budget of their own and will find themselves next to you rummaging through the same items that you are looking at simply because they don’t want to miss ANY good deal even though that wasn’t on their list in the first place.


I swear my Wife and I were in Victoria’s Secrets and this extremely obese man using a walker made dash straight over to the table where we were looking for undergarments for her simply because I said that this table was full of deals!

He heard me and couldn’t help himself from coming over there, I saw no ring on his finger so his interest in lacey frilly women’s underwear was quite a curiosity unless of course he happened to be a closet cross-dresser. And that my friends I’ll never know!

Kindness? – A woman drops a small gift wrapped article from one of the several shopping bags that seem to be a bit much for her to handle properly.

A young guy no more than twenty two years old begins to pick up the gift wrapped item with a smirk on his face that indicated that he hit the jackpot. As he quickly grabbed the box and began to pivot in the opposite direction even though the woman who dropped it was still about twenty feet away and could have easily been called or caught up with to return it, an older gentleman screamed out to him in the most thunderous voice that he better give that box back to the owner.

The young man was frozen in his tracks as he felt the spotlight on him for that moment in time and couldn’t do anything except to give that lady her property after several other shoppers brought her mishap to her attention.

While what the older gent and the other shoppers did was an act of kindness and should be applauded for what they did, I saw far too many acts of evil committed in the same manner that this young man attempted as the opportunistic cold-hearted manner in which too many people move about the earth needs to STOP! Without the random acts of kindness to each other in this world even if we are strangers, what else do we have?

Dropped Money

Goodness? – While at the mall I was approached by two men who felt that I might be interested in purchasing anything in the mall at half of the price.

Maybe many of you do not know about this way of getting a “hook-up”, but people like this use stolen credit cards to make a purchase of any item that you pick out in the store while they stand by. Then they will go to the check out area to purchase it after you’ve given them half of the price of the item.

This makes it where you’ve saved an instant fifty percent on the purchase and the crooks make a one hundred percent profit without ever having to open a business to do so.

Where is the goodness in both the people who would run up a stolen credit card like this and where is the goodness in someone who would go for something like this not to mention the risk involved of getting arrested? No way! I’ll pass. And hopefully the authorities eventually stopped them after I told them how I was approached.

Faithfulness? – I know the faithfulness that is spoken about when mentioning the Fruits Of The Spirit is the faithfulness in God’s promise of salvation and remaining faithful when the atmosphere of hope just doesn’t seem to exist in your world. But let me take the word to a different meaning when I use it to describe what I DIDN’T see when I was in the mall that day.


Faithfulness to your mate, did I see any at the mall at all? Not that much, because the men who were there with their wives and girlfriends couldn’t keep their eyes off of the exposed cleavage, the short miniskirts (especially when standing below and escalator while fighting the temptation to look up a shapely women’s dress and eventually losing that battle for the split second it takes to commit the act unbeknownst to their Wife/Girlfriend who hadn’t a clue as to what just went down!

Faithfulness is just one spiritual fruit that most men will pass on!

Gentleness? – Too many that I saw that day, in their lust to get to the deals and sales that they felt would change their world, were NOT gentle in how they treated others in their midst.

The cursing and the middle fingers display constantly in the parking lot because someone else got a spot by being a split second faster than the next guy was a common sight.

The overall feeling that you were in a war zone of sorts added to the defensive manner in which many carried themselves.

People bumping hard into others and not even offering an apology out of common courtesy shows how hellbent we’ve become in our quest to accrue the material items that we value more than our Brothers and Sisters who walk the earth beside us.

Yet the funny thing is that WE expect others to be gentle and kind to us! There are also too many little kids that have barely learned how to walk being cursed at by impatient mothers who appear to be angry that they even had the gift of a child in their life at all.

Black Friday Crowd

These mothers don’t even seem to have a kind bone in their body as their demeanor is one edge and the child gets the blame for every little mishap perceived by their mother. I saw it too much this day as well as other times during the year and it has to stop!

Self Control? -Last but not least, we have a spiritual fruit here to which I can write out an entire library full of articles on this one alone!

But I’ll keep it short and say that this was the worst trait lacking that was in rare form all day in the mall! I heard the countless arguments between spouses who didn’t agree on a purchase and how buying that item would be something over and above their budget. No control there!

Credit Card Debt

But the sad part is when those credit card bills roll in there will be another argument on what to cut back on to just be able to pay it! But it’s not only about money, the lack self control issue can manifest in every aspect of our lives but it seems to rear its ugly head even more so in the holiday season that has proven time and time again to be a time for excess by any means necessary.

For all of the divine qualities that Christ represents and that we should follow, there is more fighting, drunkenness, hate, envy, depression, evil, boastfulness, treachery, competitiveness, grudgefulness, adultery, freakishness, perversion and fornication and a general absence of anything that would make our Creator proud of the way that we try to please Him though our actions.

Christmas time is NOT about Christ according to what we see displayed in abundance on this earth and this is why I personally won’t have anything to do with it NOT because I don’t love God but actually because of quite the opposite! Christmas time has been hijacked by the evil corporate forces of this world and most of us are too dumb to see it!

We have families out here who are hungry. Children who don’t have heat in their homes.

Child Poverty

Elderly who are eating out of cans of dog food because their limited income won’t allow them a decent meal to nourish them properly. And with all of this that would interest Christ as far as helping these people who are downtrodden and see no way out, I refuse to get caught up in being totally consumed with attempting to impress these heathens with the latest clothing, gadgetry, amenities and JUNK!

One day I will have to answer to my ways and I want to be able to say that I took the time to make someone else whose walk might be a little harder than mine and make it easier for them the way that Jesus Christ would have. …….because at the end of the day, there “ain’t nothin” in the damn shopping mall that’s going to get you into Heaven so you can have it ALL for yourself if you make that short lived frivolous crap your God!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Is Not Fooled To Easily,



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