The Gantt Report – One Drop Of White Blood Makes Zimmerman White

Of all of the evidence that has been released in the Trayvon Martin death case, no evidence has been debated and scrutinized more than the alleged injuries suffered by George Zimmerman.

Photos have surfaced showing Zimmerman with various cuts and bruises on his nose, head and perhaps other places.

And, two days after Trayvon was gunned down, Zimmerman’s personal physician claimed Zimmerman had blackened eyes and a broken nose.

George Zimmerman Arrested

Well, we all know the devil is tricky. The devil will make you think the victim is the criminal and the murderous stalker was an innocent bystander in fear of his life!

Well, I don’t trust Zimmerman or his doctor and their medical records that were mysteriously created two days after the horrible shooting.

I trust the video that was made at police headquarters thirty minutes after the murder was committed that did not show any black eyes, broken noses, bloody heads or grassy stained clothing.

You tell me, how can you breathe with a broken nose when your mouth is shut? On the video, Zimmerman breathed but spoke little or not at all.

Trayvon never stalked or followed Zimmerman. Trayvon didn’t talk to police about Zimmerman and use the words “coon”, “assholes” suspicious or other derogatory and insensitive language.

Zimmerman wasn’t standing any ground. It seems to me, Zimmerman was out on a rainy evening looking for a Black child to shoot.

Testimony in pre-trial procedures has talked about Zimmerman being a Hispanic that loves little Black children.

I told you the devil was tricky!

One drop of white blood makes George Zimmerman whiteOne Drop Rule!


I know you don’t like for me to write like this but let me explain.

Almost anybody that is not of African descent can walk on the white side should they decide to do so. South Americans, Cubans, Australian’s and even some Asians can pass for white in certain circumstances.

Zimmerman is part and parcel of and has significant access to the white American power structure. He didn’t call the Cuban Bar Association for legal assistance. He didn’t contact The Fraternal Order of Hispanic Policemen. He didn’t request help from the Puerto Rican Guardian Angels.

Zimmerman went home for help. He went to the white man.

Zimmerman’s lawyer is white. The Prosecutor is white. The bailiff is white. The police officers that arrested him were probably white and who do you think is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Zimmerman web sites? No, it is not the Fruits of Islam or the New Black Panther Party!

Zimmerman and his lawyers are having fun with the evidence and other aspects of this case. Zimmerman is walking around a free man and the lawyer could get a nice pay day.

But reverse the roles and imagine where Trayvon would be if he stalked, provoked and murdered George Zimmerman and merely claimed the killing was in self defense.

Witnesses say they saw Zimmerman standing over Trayvon with a loaded gun.


If those same witnesses saw a Black man standing over a white man with a gun in his hand, the witnesses would not have waited for law enforcers. The witnesses would have killed the Black man themselves.

Don’t believe the hype about so-called evidence. No juror in their right mind should believe that standing your ground means that you can follow someone and murder them.

The Florida devil is a tricky devil!

Trayvon's Parents

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