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Have you ever noticed that shortly after a heavy rainstorm that all natural life seems to have a growth spurt in the forthcoming days faster than usual? Well we have to understand that whatever we observe in the physical world there is a lesson that is paralleled in the spiritual plane.

So what does my rainstorm analogy mean?

It means that your greatest personal progress always arrives after the roughest of storms endured in life. Even if you sometimes don’t think that you have the strength to make it, you always overcome and find yourself in a better place even if it doesn’t happen right away.

While that storm may appear to be the end of the world for a time, the peace and tranquility that you experience around you afterward is so rejuvenating as you feel the life coming back into your mind, body and soul with every passing moment.

One thing that I want you understand is that it may appear that the storm is permanent and will never go away but nothing could be further from the truth.

While those personal storms rage always remember that your new reality awaits you even if it’s so profound that you cannot comprehend how immense it is. The challenge is to never give up because this is how many people going through rough times react not knowing that in most cases that terrible storm is about to be over.

It makes me so sad when I think of the countless people that I’ve known personally over the years who have taken their own lives because they felt that there was no way out from a situation that appeared to be so hopeless.

Suicides are at an all time high because of the current perception of doom that clouds and poisons the minds of people in pain that causes them to take those measures in order to escape the torment.

For those who have overcome, they will tell you first hand that it won’t be easy and to be honest if there’s anyone that does they’re telling you a bold face lie.

I’m not here to fabricate any fairy tales for someone going through some very challenging times in their life but I will say that after the storms are over you will find yourself much more resilient after your time of healing as well as being equipped to conquer any subsequent trials and tribulations that come your way.

This is how you grow and this is how you’ll become the ultimate you and one who will inspire those suffering to overcome because you’ve experienced your own personal storms only to find yourself with the victory and knowledge that at the end of the day you were built for this and nothing down the line can truly defeat you!

Hold your head up and know that your best life is coming no matter what it may appear to be or what others may say. My personal saying is that you must experience what tastes sour in order to appreciate what’s sweet.

When you place your personal picture of life into that framework you know for a fact that experiences are what mold you into being the best version of yourself and you will welcome the chance to grow through all experiences good and bad.

After the storm you will be grateful for molding you into the person that you are today as the heightened sense of appreciation would have made well worth the experiences. I know this for a fact because I’ve endured so many challenging times that I’ve become a specialist on how to deal with them on so many levels. Make sure to stay tuned to this platform because I have so much to share that can help when you are feeling so alone.

Peace, Love & Revolution Always,
Your Brother,

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  • Harroll says:

    Great article Lance. We all need to remember the storm will end. I also learned to accept people as they are–accept that cats don’t bark. Treat people as they should be treated and that storm will end sooner.

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