Why Do We Anticipate Unique Results From Our Youth When All We Do Is Show Them Cookie Cutter Examples?

When I observe the general mentality of the present generation of our youth, it bedazzles me how much they crave to be acknowledged for their individuality while at the same time pushing so hard to all look the same!

I’ve never seen so many Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj lookalikes and act-a likes in my life!

In a way I can’t really knock them because I can remember the influence that The King Of Pop Michael Jackson had on the entire world and STILL continues to have despite the fact that he is not with us in the physical right now.

So I will admit that every generation and culture will have their highly influential icons that just seem to have that magical way of permeating the psyche of the masses in a very special manner that makes them want to emulate everything about them.

But back in the day it came from an admiration of their favorite star’s unique talents and abilities that were larger than life and cultivated through the endless hours of hard work and practice.

Did I just say a curse word?

………all I said was hard work and practice!

Well come to think of it, those words may be the equivilent of the worst profanity to some of our youth because it seems as though too many of them do NOT want the challenge or even the bother of submitting to the proven methods of success called hard work and practice.

But can you blame them?

They were physically spawned from our loins but also were instilled with an attitude that came from our need for more efficiency with less effort.

Think not?

Well they want to cut corners because of US! They didn’t make the remote controls that enabled us to lounge on our asses and save that warm comfortable spot on the sofa while we watched movie after movie until we drooled all over the couch, WE DID!

They didn’t create the microwave ovens that could blast heat into our cold food in record time because we didn’t want to take the time to cook our meals the good old fashion way which is actually the best way, WE DID THAT!

So how can we blame THEM?

The condition that they are in is the condition that we put them in TIMES TEN!

They never knew anything else!

Nicki Minaj

They never knew about having to keep a dime in their sock when they were kids in order to make that phone call home to tell their parents where THEY were when they were late for dinnertime!


How many families still have that thing called dinnertime when everyone HAD to be present and you HAD to be accountable face to face for that phone call that came in for you earlier from the principles office because of the dirt that you did?

Now? HA! The teachers get cussed out by the students if they’re lucky to not get assaulted by them also by why wouldn’t they when they get ANOTHER profanity laced verbal assault from the mother of that same student from the mistreatment of her “baby!”

Back in our day we would get straightened out sternly by our educators and got the REAL DEAL ass whippin’ when we got home JUST for embarassing our parents and bringing shame to the family name!

But since the institution of family has been broken down like a decomposing piece of roadkill laying out in the hot sun on a lonely interstate road because of the philandering folks who have literally jacked up their family tree to resembling something of an inbred West Virginian hick town where everyone is a cousin to everyone then how do you expect our youth to respect the power contained in their loins as they haphazardly spill sperm and carelessly swap S.T.D. laced crotch juice the way we splashed ginger ale at the neighborhood summertime cookout while playing tag with our friends and trying to hold on to that cup of soda at the same time?

(Yes I know that was a long sentence, I wrote it that way on purpose! LOL!)

Fox Road Kill

But to make a long story short, what we see in today’s world is only the stuff that we have collectively swept under the rug. Nothing more. Nothing less. Now while there were many who did what they had to do as far as raising their children in a mature, disciplined responsible way to mold them into independent productive adults, there were even MORE who couldn’t care less and in their lack of concern messed up the entire perception of our people and destroyed the gains made in the civil rights movement literally over ONE generation!

So now we have these youngsters who would rather gravitate toward the filthiest manifestations of outer expression and seem to take great joy in doing so. It appears to be some type of invert resentment toward their Elders for NOT taking the time to correct them as this is what any rebellious child wants deep down anyway. They know when they are loved and for them to have this free wheeling do as I please type of existence, they KNOW that they are not being cared for even when they say that they would rather live wild.

You see, while the fads of the day and the styles of the moment may change for the younger generation of today other than what we indulged in, but their NEEDS never change! They are human beings just like us and feel the same set of insecurities as we did back in our time coming up but have more at stake to lose! This is the computer age and every infraction is documented in order to be shoved in their faces when they come down off of their craziness and attempt to live a more civil lifestyle. They crazy things that we did have been forgotten except for those who remember them and will only be a casual conversation topic at best when running across an old war buddy.

These who are coming up now do not have that luxury and i believe one of the reasons why they hide behind the same repetitious cookie cutter fashions is to feel type of togetherness and bonding that they don’t get at home, only that they will do it in a rebellious manner because they WANT to piss off their Elders and make them stand up and claim them back instead of demonizing them. A collective cry for help through the culture of dark glasses at night, saggin’ pants, purple wigs, heavy lip gloss and exploding cleavages?

You’re damn right!

Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj are SUPPOSED to be your worst nightmare and they won’t go away until we stand up and claim them back into a life of discipline, leadership, independence, hard work, focus, goal setting and civility…….

…….but the hardest part of the whole equation to accomplish would be for US to actually be an example and live by these same very rules that we claim will heal our communities.

But are YOU ready to let certain things go?

…….if not then expect Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj to show up at your front door everyday after coming home who’ve turned out to be the kids that you never took the time to get to know.

Frightening, isn’t it?

But we have no one else to blame ’cause they’ve learned their garbage from US!

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