Why Lure A Man With The Allure And Potential Of Sex When All You Really Want Is Love?

Why is it that “some” men talk about love when all they want is sex?

Why is it that “some” women crave true love but portray an image of a sexually easy woman to a potentially eligible mate to catch his attention?

Why can’t we be real and state our true needs and desires?

While that man at the club may disgust you with his direct approach in trying to take you home after the first dance, you might want to thank him because at least he was honest and didn’t waste any of your precious time stringing you along in the hopes of achieving a lifelong relationship and soulmate.

But can you REALLY be angry with him for approaching you in this way?

Didn’t you advertised your goods as though they were on the open market and up for the taking? Some of us are beat for ANY type of attention that we will drop our standards JUST to get a little, and when we finally do we get mad!

When one owns an establishment that sells shoes, doesn’t it make sense to ADVERTISE the fact that shoes are sold there? And if the store owner advertised that he was selling hats, would he attract individuals looking to purchase shoes?

First impressions DO count!

What signals are you sending to the world in your manner of dress and how you carry yourself? Yes, while there ARE men out in the world who will look at you in a lustful manner even if you wore a potato sack!

But do understand that a truly no nonsense woman has a way of carrying herself in public that will stop ALL of the foolishness in it’s tracks and make ANY man tip his hat with respect each and EVERY time and never even think about saying anything wayward out of his mouth to her other than a respectful comment! THIS IS DIVINE LAW and it cannot be twisted, altered, compromised or played with! It will SURELY not work for you if you are half stepping in your conviction to be a virtuous woman!

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